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My Interview with Naama Kates. Her Podcast 12: Society Kills Men/Reckoning

Naama Kates is an actress and filmmaker. I became her 12th Podcast (for Crawlspace Media) in her search for understanding of and within the INCEL (Involuntary Celibate) community of men. This interview generated an extra follow up podcast by Naama, who felt it important to further address some of the comments of her listeners, after the listened to our chat.

As it stands, the mainstream media have attempted to give Incel's a bad name and tried to associate them with the new movie 'Joker' (Directed/Produced by Todd Phillips, 2019), because the 'Joker' was apparently an evil man who was frustrated by society and people and not that it is society which may make people do evil things out of resentment, anger and frustration. The MSM wishes to tarnish the Incel community with this image and pathological mindset.

Just click on the play Icon for Podcast 12: & 101.

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