Invited to Speak at 'Messages for Men: London, UK, 17 Nov 19'

Back for the third year running Messages for Men an annual mini-conference in London, in recognition of International Men's Day.

About this Event

Join our annual mini-conference to celebrate international men's day. Listen to our speakers as they celebrate, inform, entertain and discuss masculinity and all the issues that men & boys face in our increasingly misandrist society.

The keynote address will be delivered by William Collins, author of the critically important book 'The Empathy Gap', recently released.

The event will be introduced by Elizabeth Hobson, hosted by Natty.

Speakers (in no particular order):

John Waters - Irish Journalist

Mike Buchanan - Justice For men and boys leader

Zuby - Music artist & podcaster & fitness coach

Jon Wong - Free speech activist

Mike 'Dr Randomercam' Stevenson - Youtube comedian & Honey Badger Radio

Richard Orrett - Incel & Disability adovcate

Carl 'Sargon of Akkad' Benjamin - Youtube Commentator & Free speech activist

Alex Nieora - Political activist & discusses Gay mens issues from the right

Ava Brighton & Tristan Lonley - Youtube commentator & Speakers corner speaker

John Cooper - Life coach & ex PUA

Swayne O'Pie (Society to establish a Minister for Men) - Mens Rights Activist

Kenneth Jolivet - Author of 'Society Kills Men'

Alison Tieman (pending funding & immigration) - Honey Badger Radio founder

& Alexander Adams - art critique and academic

More details on speakers and talk titles to be announced on website: https://marchformen.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mensmarch2018/

#messages4men #messagesformen

*Venue Location will be in a very central part of London, zone 1, TBC


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