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International Conference on Men's Issues 2019: Chicago, USA

I was invited to this conference and had the VIP ticket to mix and talk with the main players in the Men's Right Activists (MRAs) & Men's Rights Movement (MRM), not only in the USA, but the UK and Australia. And, it wasn't just men in attendance or those speaking. There were probably 20% women who call themselves MRAs and support the MRM cause, often referred to as Honey Badgers.

Below are a set of photos of the people I met and talked with. Next year, I've been invited to speak at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2020, in Sydney, Australia. I look forward to this event and seeing many of the same people once again, with a few new ones I'm sure.

People I met are: Paul Elam (A Voice for Men); Tom Golden (Men are Good), Janice Fiamengo (The Fiamengo Files); Karen Straughan (GirlwritesWhat), Tommy Sotomayor (American Comedian/Podcast/Radio/Internet Personality); Terrance Popp; Harry Crouch (National Coalition for Men), Count Dankula (Mark Meechan); and Fred Hayward; Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad); Chris Kohls (Mr Reagan); Diana Davison (The Lighthouse Project); Mike Buchanan (Justice For Men & Boys [UK] political party); Philip Cook (Steering Committee for a White House Department for Men); Philip Davies (Member of Parliament, UK); Dr Shawn Smith (Clinical Psychologist); and Tim Goldich (National Coalition for Men)

Paul Elam (A Voice For Men) & Me

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