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I'm concerned about people and relationships. I never saw myself as a person who would go through divorce. But, I did. It had such an impact on me, that I wrote about it in 2010. Since then, I've written about dating and man-woman dynamics. Although I mostly write from a man's perspective, women can definitely learn and benefit from what I share. Indeed, three of my books are written for men and three are written for women. I'm sure there is something here you will find interesting and worth your time to read. Naturally, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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Through Pain, We Emerge

ISBN - 978-1-07645-005-0

Don't Sleepwalk Into Love

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you like and want in a woman/wife? And more importantly, what you don’t like or want in a woman/wife? Did you drift into your relationship and life, sucked in by infatuation? Are you happy, or existing as a boyfriend, husband or father? Have you lost yourself? It’s not too late to be whom you are, to get what you want and to live again. Thought and truth to self are key to your happiness!


In This Book, You Will Discover:

  • What Divorce is Like: the Truth, with Facts, Experiences and Feelings

  • How to be the Man/Person You Were Meant to Be

  • How to Live Again

  • How to Turn Change into Opportunity and Happiness

  • That Suffering Makes Us Stronger and Can Inspire Us to Take Action

  • How to be More Self-Assured

  • What is Important to a Strong Relationship

  • How to Make the Right Partner Choice

  • What Happiness Means to You

  • Life’s Lessons that Appear Simple, Yet Aren’t

  • That Life’s a Journey and You’re the Travel Agent



Read This Book if Your Relationship and Life are Flat, Unfulfilling; if You’re Simply Existing, Numb. Read it if You Want to Live, as the Real You! 

What Men Want Women to Know:
100 Revelations


What is your man really thinking?

Have you ever wanted to eavesdrop on men’s private conversations so you could learn what makes them tick?  Do you wish you could be a fly on the wall when your boyfriend is explaining to a friend what he wants out of his relationship?  Are you frustrated with men and how they think and act? 

Rest assured, ladies, you are not alone. 

Author Kenneth T. Jolivet has spent countless hours researching these questions, surveying scores of men from all walks of life and compiling this guide in an effort to help women understand what men want and need from their most intimate relationships.

In the book, you’ll learn:

- Why many men have become intolerant to certain games;
- What actions, behaviors & thoughts drive men to leave the women they are with;
- That your acceptance and appreciation are crucial;
- That sex really is that important, but not necessarily why you think;
- How important emotional stability in a woman is; and
- Why men are turning away from marriage

"I loved, loved, loved, loved it! 'What Men Want Women to Know: 100 Revelations' is funny. It's true. It's shocking. It's wonderful. Bravo. I love the 2-page chapters. They're so easy to digest."


Raymond Aaron

New York Times Best Selling Author

Make Sure She's Worth it_edited.jpg
Why Men Cheat: 12 Main Causes

Short E-book only

Would He Cheat on You?

What makes a man cheat? Does every guy have it in him to cheat? Are you part of the problem or do you not accept such “man-made” nonsense? It has nothing to do with you; any guy that cheats is a bastard, pure and simple. You’re probably half right. It’s simple, and it’s complicated.

People, and this definitely includes men, usually cheat for a reason.

Author Kenneth T. Jolivet answers these questions and many more about men and infidelity. But, why listen to him? Because he was married more than 20 years (?): because he’s written two books on relationships and studied this subject for your benefit (?): because he cheated on his beautiful wife and was a cheater himself? Take your pick. 

In this short book, you’ll learn:
 What the main causes of infidelity are; 
 What part you can play in helping to keep him faithful;
 That beauty has little to do with fidelity/infidelity;
 That all men are capable of cheating;
 That, sometimes it’s him; sometimes it’s you; and sometimes It’s life; and
 That men prefer fidelity over cheating

Make Sure She's Worth It. You're Money and Your Heart Are Just the Start!


WARNING: Sexually Graphic & Explicit: 18+

Are you settling for convenience? Compromising beyond the reasonable? Made to feel ashamed of your natural urges and masculinity? Ken was too – until he broke free through divorce. This is the true story of Ken Jolivet, who after 22 years of marriage embarked upon on a 3-year, turbo-charged quest to live again through travel and pursuits, numerous sexual encounters and attempts to better understand women and self-discovery. Ken’s story transports readers with him on his dauntless transformation from husband to player; lost soul to mentor; sexually frustrated to flesh-quenched; unsure to insightful. Part biography, part how-to book that’s punctuated by Ken’s notorious tales and anecdotes’ related to divorce, dating and life, he uses his recent experiences and life template to springboard into one of man’s most important considerations: his relationship with women. Written in a raw, honest, humorous, and relevant style, it makes for easy, exciting, and entertaining, yet meaningful reading. No longer satisfied with male oppression, Ken dares to put men in the driving seat to lust, love and life. He closes with lessons learnt on women and life, with knowledge of self, honesty and courage at their core. A must read for any man considering, in the middle of and recovering from divorce and for “anyone” considering marriage. WARNING: Sexually Graphic & Explicit: 18+

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