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I was raised in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, as one of eight kids. Life was humble and basic to say the least. I attended Old Dominion University for a year and a half as an undergraduate in electrical engineering before enlisting in the United States Air Force (USAF). After basic and technical military training, I moved to Cambridge, England to work as an air traffic controller. After five years of night school, I graduated with a BSc. in Professional Aeronautics and was commissioned as an officer about a year later. I served my country within the USAF in various assignments (and served in four wars) across the globe for more than two decades and retired as a senior officer in 2005. Later that year I enrolled in another graduate level degree program, changing vocations entirely. Consequently, I worked in London in the commercial and residential property markets as a chartered  surveyor. 

Although I was raised in the US, I have spent most of my adult life in Europe. Over the years, I have travelled to dozens of countries and have been fortunate enough to live in Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain and of course, the USA. I was married for 21 years, and am the father of two grown sons and a stepdaughter (since 2014). I have four academic degrees: a BSc., an MSc., an MSc., Real Estate, and the equivalent of an MA. International Relations, with the US Air Force. Unfortunately, I found myself divorced at age 43, but retired and financially secure with a military pension at 44. Thus, I set about traveling for 10 years to live, learn and experience the world with open eyes.

One profound adventure and experience during this time was a very rewarding and memorable solo walk/trek of 1,200 miles over 44 days and nights in 2010. I trekked across the UK’s best scenery, walking across Scotland, Wales and England. I loved it so much that in 2011, I decided to walk another 500 miles over 21 days and nights on the famous “Way of St James." It's the religious, pilgrimage route that runs from France, over the Pyrenees mountains and across Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela where the Biblical apostle St James is buried. With the walking bug truly established, I've walked many other 200 and 300 mile treks across Europe, to include different parts of England, Wales, Sicily, Sardinia and Germany. 


I find fitness and health to be an extremely important part of my life and mix things up by biking, playing tennis, running and working out regularly in the gym. I also love nature, the outdoors and the beach, and get out whenever I can. 


An author at 47 with 'Make Sure She’s Worth it: Your Money and Your Heart are Just the Start,' (a two year project to completion), Ken has gone on to write several more books to try to help men think through important events and decisions in their lives, and women and men in their relationships.

I recently remarried at age 54, to a beautiful Persian lady. We split our time as life allows, living in England and Spain, with our little dog, Dio, a Bichon frise. 

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